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What the Social Media Trends for 2023 are telling us.

Pinterest social media trends 2023 report image

68% of Gen Z plan to attend a rave in 2023. 

If you’re wondering what’s up with your kids dress sense lately or what’s going on with the new office “uniform” then prepare for the worst.  Raves are back. Clearly evident in the post lockdown boom of events, parties and people letting their hair down and engaging in the pastimes of their current – or long past – youth.  Expect gaudy, plastic-fantastic and – heaven-forbid – adults on the dance-floor with cute-animal satchels.  In addition psychedelic chic and dystopian post-apocalyptic street wear  (Tombraider meets The Hunger Games).  In fact, says Instagram, 68% of Gen Z plan to attend a rave in 2023. 

Are we in a similar space to the 90’s with the psyche of the youth facing the computer generated apocalypse of Y2K.  Now in the 2020’s a climate change apocalypse. 

Is this indicative of the youth giving up on their future?

With 445 million users, Pinterest claims that 80% of their trend report predictions have come true. They call their Trend Report a “window into the future”.  For users of Pinterest, this should  make complete sense.  Whenever we are in planning mode, where do we head first?   A new Pinterest inspo-board.

So the psychology of Raves aside, here are some of the top trends from both Pinterest and Instagram (in partnership with trend platform WGSN) that you may want to start thinking about for your business.

The past 5 years it seems to have been all about fitness challenges, but now we see a new trend important to emerging generations, starting to take the economic outlook a lot more seriously.  Savings Challenge are up 185% as people are beginning to gamify their financial planning.  With gaming just a part of life for all the economically active generations, it makes sense that financial planning take on a fun approach – similar to what our start-up client Square One have done with their epic app to get kids to earn money and look after how they spend it.  It even comes with a Mastercard.  Instagram also reports the continued exploration of the “side-hustle” with 64% of Gen Z users planning to monetise a project this year.  In other content here we have also looked at the concept of Self-Determination Theory and what it means to be able to control your life through your own creations.  This sub-culture of creators are also creating their own communities and building “celebrity creator” status with 40% of Gen Z followers want to hear podcasts from their favourite social media creators in 2023.

Along with fitness challenges came a severe cut back on unhealthy past times like excessive drinking, until covid that was.  However, one of the fastest growing beverage industries, next to Oat Milk, is AF – Alcohol Free.  But that doesn’t have to be boring right?  With Pinterest boards for “Fancy non alcoholic drinks” trending up  220%.

Heading inside

The “Hipstoric” home – both Boomers and Gen Z will find new ways to honour their old stuff in their homes, combining vintage and inherited pieces with modern styles. Eclectic interior design vintage trend boards are up 850% – couple this with a growing sentiment for sustainable fashion and a protest against fast fashion it will be pleasing to see a lot less junk out on the curbs for Inorganic Collection Day.   The Instagram Trend Report says that more than half of Gen Z respondents said that they plan to make their clothes in 2023 and a quarter planned to shop from thrift stores.  Although Isn’t this also just part of the 90’s trend though?

Or out to the garden

Whilst a drought may be far from our minds in Auckland, we also need to be aware that El Nino is coming – and along with it, very little rain.  Savvy home owners are finally waking up to this natural (and man-made) cycle and starting to invest in solar, water harvesting and ‘drought tolerant landscape design’ – up 385% on Pinterest. 

Personally as a Gen-Xer I have tried practising gender-neutral parenting for some time, much to the dismay of my Boomer M.I.L who insists on Princesses and Butterflies as the correct attire for my child.  Gender neutrality, was also a trend in the 90’s – they called it “androgynous”  – but now its more mainstream addressing the psyche and unconscious bias behind our gender stereotyping.  There’s no turning back now, Gen Z and Millennials are proudly practicing gender-neutral parenting as they raise the next generation.

After so many years of enduring roadworks to enable more bus lanes in Auckland we wonder why Waka Kotahi didn’t consult Pinterest too?  Gen Z and Millennials will find a renewed love for train travel.  Electric and sustainable.  Quiet and efficient – and certainly a lot more pleasant to travel in.  Spending future generations tax payers money on changing to electric busses, we we could have just invested in high speed electric rail like the French did back in the 70s.

What about politics?  Politics has found a new voice in Gen Z, after decades of apathy and non-voters in the generations before.  Advocacy for disability continues with three out of four Gen Z social media users want to follow an influencer who has a disability.  Expect more members of the next gen to engage with creators who advocate for those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Neurodivesity is the new normal.

In 2023, Gen Z plans to use platforms like IG for dating and connections. No need to swipe left or right, DMs and messaging offer more transparent, honest and direct communication. 

So what about Tik Tok we hear you say? 

Yes, they too have a Trend Report for 2023, which they have narrowed down to 3 simple themes. 

1) Actionable entertainment – or “Tik Tok made me do it” – think L’Oreal’s success stories with stock of specific items flying off the shelves overnight just beacuse of a viral Tik Tok ad, created in another country.  

2) Making space for joy – 92% of Tik Tok users felt a positive emotion that resulted in an off-platform action, thanks to a Tik-Tok video

3) Community-built ideals – “TikTok is not a town hall meeting. It’s a collection of hyper-personal spaces” – its here that people are seeking ways to break the status quo, not conform to it.   

It all starts with a conversation over coffee.  Let’s meet.

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