Who said print is dead?

Egon from Ghostbusters was wrong – three hours is a long time…

Who said print is dead?

Actually, it was Egon from Ghostbusters (the original – not the second, third or fourth). While an iconic movie, it’s not necessarily a reliable data source.

Yet it is a catch-cry that seems to have stuck, even when the numbers say differently.

Yes, like all media platforms, how people consume print has evolved, but what many chose to ignore is that print offers a level of engagement unrivalled by other media platforms.

In essence, magazines offer marketers a means of highly effective targeting, high audience engagement levels, and a highly contextual, trusted environment.

Here are a few great things about magazines:

  1. Magazine advertising delivers relevance, attention and trust

A recent Magnetic & Kantar study found that people view advertising in print magazines as the most relevant to them. And in digital channels, magazines scored second-highest in terms of relatability or “being for people like me” behind social media.

Content in magazines crafted by editorial teams who are passionate experts on their topics adds a credibility which readers value.  This trusted status has a halo effect on brands that advertise within these environments.  Smart brands are leveraging this trust by working with publishers to create contextually relevant messaging which is more likely to be valued. 

  1. Magazines perform strongly when it comes to attention.

The latest Nielsen CMI survey data found magazine readers are spending on average a massive three hours reading their favourite titles. This is up from the already significant two hours and 11 mins in their 2021 survey results.  

  1. Magazines’ advertising conveys brand perceptions of quality, popularity and trust.

Research by Magnetic (UK), found that ads are welcome and perform best on relevancy in magazines more than any other medium. This is underpinned by the reader’s trust and close relationship with the magazine.  Remember, magazines are one of the few environments where readers pay money to consume your advertising.

  1. Magazines can create differentiation on a small budget.

Is your brand voice getting lost in media clutter?

Magazine publishers know their readers better than anyone. By tapping into publishers’ editorial and production capabilities, brands can create relevant, targeted campaigns which engage audiences and add value. Magazines allow marketers the opportunity to tap into cultural moments, they offer brands the place to have a point of view and talk about it AND, they offer brands clean air, away from a noisy, cluttered environment 

  1. Magazines are now being defined by content rather than platform.

Magazines have redefined themselves in an age when digital media has caused disruption. They offer advertisers highly engaged consumers through the provision of edited, bespoke content – across any platform.

  1. Most importantly, we are story-tellers.

Through our editorial teams we offer brands the chance to tell their story, to take our readers on a journey of discovery into their why, how and what.  For brands, this is a one-to-one sales opportunity.  If you could talk directly to your potential customers without the constraints of a 5 second bumper or a 728×90 banner what would you say?

We work closely with many brands to create content that sits across print, video, social and drives SEO.   Our partners own the content we produce, so it can be repurposed across multiple channels meaning it is not only engaging but highly cost effective.  

What story does your brand need to tell?

You can check out some of our partnership content here: schoolroad.nz/our-work.

Article written by:

Susan Browne

GM Content

School Road Publishing


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